On a page you can right-click an entity - such as a device type and drillthrough to another page where you can get details for the filtered content.

Customize your Dashboard

Click the    button in the toolbar to switch the dashboard in edit mode. You can now modify your dashboard with the integrated Power BI report editor.

Additional Resources

The dashboards are based on Power BI reports. You can find lots of information in the official Power BI documentation.

PACTware Plugin


Install the fielddevice.cloud PACTware Plugin, put the configuration file in the Data folder. Once installed the plugin will start sending telemetry data to fielddevice.cloud. And the data will soon be visible in the dashboard.

There is no additional configuration required.


Navigate to the Settings page, download the Plugin and follow the instructions.

Configuration Files

You can manage your configuration files on the Settings page.

After a configuration file has been created, you can download it once. Every configuration has an optional expiry date: After the expiry date the file can no longer be used to send data to fielddevice.cloud. You can also revoke configuration files by clicking the    button.


Send an email to support@fielddevice.cloud